Speaker Frequently Asked Questions

speaker doing her presentation
Why do I have to have my “Speaker Registration Form” filled out by November 19, 2021?

Iowa Employment Conference (IEC) opens registration on January 3, 2022. The attendees prefer a general idea of the topics that speakers will be presenting before registering.

In addition, IEC starts to market the conference through several different marketing strategies including the Business Record whose timelines must be kept for publishing.

Why do you need my bio and picture?

IEC places your picture and bio on the website www.IowaEmploymentConference.com to allow the attendees to read about you prior to the conference. We also include your information in the conference program.

Do you pay travel expenses?

IEC does not pay its speakers to speak or reimburse them for travel. The intent of the conference is to offer a continuing education experience at a reasonable cost to the attendees. In return, the IEC is an excellent opportunity to be in front of hundreds of decision makers in Iowa.

When and where have you scheduled me to speak?

The schedule/room assignments will be available approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the conference.  Once the final schedule/room assignments are approved, we will email you a copy.  We will do our best to schedule your session based on your preferred date/time indicated on the Speaker Registration Form.  If you made scheduling arrangements with me prior to this, disregard this note.

How long is my session?

We have allotted 1 hour for each session.  We ask that you please plan accordingly and speak the entire hour.  We have submitted your presentation to the appropriate accreditation forums.  To ensure our attendees get their credits, needed for your session, you must fill the time slot accordingly.

When is my PowerPoint presentation due?

We ask that you please have your presentation finalized and submitted to Nan Boland no later than March 3, 2022.

Why is my PowerPoint presentation due more than a month prior to the conference?

IEC must apply for the CEU’s at least a month prior to the event.

Do you have recommendations for my PowerPoint presentation?

We usually find that any font size less than 24 point is too small to be reasonably read in most presentation situations. The preferred text size is 28 or 32- point size, with titles being 36 to 44-point size.

Do I need to bring my presentation on a flash drive?

Yes. It’s always a good idea to bring a back-up copy. If you submitted it as a .PPT, we will have it pre-loaded on the laptop in your assigned room.

Can I bring my own laptop?

Yes. However, laptops will be provided in each breakout room. If you provided your presentation in .PPT format to IEC previously, it will be preloaded on the laptop in your assigned room. If you’ve made changes to your presentation, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your session with a copy of the updated materials on a flash drive or on your own computer. We want to allow ample time to set up your presentation before your session starts. If you plan on playing video during your session, we recommend you bring your own laptop with the video embedded in your presentation. Again, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your session to allow ample time to set your computer up.

What if my presentation has video in it? What is required for it to play?

Download the video and store it to your laptop. Then embed it into your PPT presentation. Don’t plan on using the Internet at Prairie Meadows as it’s open and will likely fail or not stream well.

Do I need to bring my own copies of handouts?

If you plan on handing out materials to your attendees in your session, you are responsible for bringing the copies. IEC will not print out or bring copies for every speaker. IEC will have your presentation and anything else you would like your attendees to have loaded on the IEC website that is password protected for the attendees.

Will my session get CE credits?

Your session must be 1 hour long to qualify for CE credits.  Depending on your summary and 3 learning objectives your session may qualify. Please note: If your session does not quality, we will work with you to get your session approved as all sessions must qualify or we will have to find a replacement.

What can I expect about the room where I will be presenting?

Each breakout room will be equipped with a podium, microphone, computer, projector and screen.


Can I get a lavalier mic?

If you requested a lavalier mic, we will do everything we can to have one ready for you in your session. Please note that Prairie Meadows has a limited number, so we can’t guarantee, but will certainly try.

Can I get a flip chart?

Prairie Meadows has limited number of easels, flip charts and markers on hand.  They are on a first come first serve basis.  Please contact Nan Boland or Lisa Bunkers to reserve one.

Will I have access to the Internet?

Our contract with Prairie Meadows includes free internet; however, it is not a secure link.

What if I need technical assistance on the day of the conference?

Volunteers and staff from Prairie Meadows will be on hand to assist throughout the day. If you need help prior to your session, contact Nan Boland or Lisa Bunkers.

How far in advance do I need to be at Prairie Meadows before I speak?

We ask that you check in at the registration booth at least 30 minutes prior to your speaking session.  However, if you made changes to your presentation and you bring a flash drive/computer with you that you plan on using, please be at Prairie Meadows at least a half hour early and ask for Nan Boland or Lisa Bunkers.

Will I get a copy of the attendee evaluations?

IEC does a survey following the conference. Attendees are given approximately 2 weeks to complete the evaluation. Once IEC compiles the results, Nan Boland will email a copy.

Who do I contact for questions not answered here?

You may contact Nan Boland, at 515-331-9020 or nan@hirequalitysolutions.com.

If you have any additional questions please, contact Nan Boland 515-331-9020 (O) or 515-238-3335 (C).